Welcome to the Itasca Project
An employer-led civic alliance focused on building a thriving economy and improved quality of life in the Minneapolis-St. Paul metropolitan area.

About The Itasca Project

The Itasca Project members are drawn together by an interest in new and better ways to address regional issues that impact economic competitiveness and quality of life in the Minneapolis-St. Paul region. Its 50-plus participants are leaders from across the business, philanthropic, and public sectors, with leadership coming from the private sector CEOs. The group also includes a number of public and nonprofit leaders, including the governor of Minnesota, the mayors of Minneapolis and St. Paul, the chair of the Metropolitan Council, the leaders of the University of Minnesota and MNSCU and leaders of major foundations.  

Vibrant communities require cross-sector collaboration to create new opportunities and solve persistent problems

The Itasca Project seeks to raise regional economic competiveness, improve quality of life and expand prosperity for all

We are employer-led and fact-driven.

We engage and support action-oriented leaders across business, non-profit and public sectors.

We think long-term and act near-term.